Semple Slips / Jurgensen Saloon

500 First Street

Famed American author Jack London lived and worked on the waterfront i his early years. He roamed from Benicia to Alviso as an "Oyster Pirate" and later became a member of the "Fish Patrol" enforcing fish poaching laws.

It was during his stay in Benicia that he began to write and where he garnered the experiences and inspiration for two of his well-known works, "Tales of the Fish Patrol" and John Barleycorn." The Jurgensen Old Corner Saloon was located at this site and was a favorite hangout for London and provided much material for "John Barleycorn."

This project was made possible by the Benicia Public Library, the Benicia Historical Museum, and the Benicia Historical Society through a NorthNet Library System Grant.

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